Spiritual therapy

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It was a business trip to Hawaii for a week.
This time, I moved to Hawaii Island for the purpose of purchasing equipment for a new medical treatment at a clinic in Nagoya that will relocate at the end of the year and conducting scientific research on the current spiritual therapy.
Interpreting many therapists and also selling healing equipment I met Mr. Naoka on the island of Hawaii and received an explanation of the crystal bowl as a healing equipment and information on the current state of spiritual therapy in Hawaii.
Participated in a spiritual tour, volcano crater, special ability person? Mr. E was able to actually go to places such as a cave where he visited for a spiritual tour DVD, an interview for books, and an area where the village and waterfall can be seen.
In heavy rain, I moved to a place near a cliff.

According to the Japanese guide, it is a miracle that the local Hawaiian is happy to take you all the way to here! It was that.
Rumored cave is a popular spot that many tourists visit because the aura is where most people can see.
Is it because of me that I could see a clear shadow?
I was able to see the authentic stone therapy.

In addition to aromatherapy, the clinic is preparing to start a full-scale spiritual therapy based on a medical background as a treatment such as stone therapy, hypnotherapy, and healing.
We would be pleased if we could provide medical services with acupuncturists and therapists.