Under construction New relocation

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It is being pursued in preparation for the new relocation of the clinic.
There are still no clinics with medical spas, studios, healing rooms and culture rooms in the country.
This time, with the cooperation of many companies and supporters, it seems that we can create a facility that is beyond imagination.
In addition to full-fledged anti-aging treatment, there will be a studio, healing room, spa and culture room for athlete support.
Although I couldn't do anything with my own power, I was able to find a new relocation with the support and guidance of people who had many influences, including those related to the Chubu business community.
I am grateful and feel the need to study and improve more than ever.

We strive to provide not only hardware but also services and high-quality medical care for patients.

We are rushing to prepare to start treatment immediately after moving to the end of the year.
The preview will be held at the end of the year.

If you are a patient of this hospital or a person in charge of a company that you wish to partner with, please contact us.