New Year Greetings

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Happy new year.

Medical treatment starts today.
Yesterday, there were greetings everywhere.

The annual NHK commentator Shinji Imanaka's father-in-law's home was greeted with his son. Like family members, we have guidance and support.
I told you about the future policy of the sports department and the establishment of the studio.
We also support and cooperate with sports related work at the clinic.
I just met Mr. Imanaka with my son.
Mr. Imanaka's son is an older kindergarten, but is a third grader in elementary school? I ’m tall enough to think.
In the future, Mr. Imanaka may take the lead in the field.
Also active in the Masters League.

Mr. Imanaka takes pictures every year with his son, Naoya.
This year's annual photo session?
I also took a small photo together.