I signed a professional contract.

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The clinic has a professional contract for professional athlete training and care.
The only facility in Japan where you can receive personal training, care, treatment, and physical performance training exercises personally.
At the clinic, pilates, physical, acupuncturist care, specialist care, and professional dentist occlusal adjustments can all be received at a high level.
Care and support for athletes from both sides of soft and hard.
Currently, contracts are coming from top professionals including professional baseball players and bicycle racers.
I signed a contract with a bicycle racer today.
A player from the S-class that aims to win the best prize in Japan.
Although it is difficult to produce dramatic results with a single shot, we believe that if we can provide guidance throughout the year, we will be able to achieve great results.

某 Racing drivers also promised to care, instruct and support this season.
It is expected that there will be a big announcement in March, but a big battle in the world will begin.
It ’s an amazing achievement. What he secretly told me was the result of goose bumps.
We look forward to introducing you.

Actually, I would like to support and instruct amateur players who want to win medals at the Olympics, but it is unfortunate that it is extremely difficult to get the understanding of the surroundings, but only professional players are contracted I want to go.