Healing Fair in OSAKA

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3 Mon 10 Day The lecture was decided at the Healing Fair in OSAKA to be held in Osaka. http://www.a-advice.com/

The theme is state-of-the-art aesthetic medicine and energy color.
While attention is being focused on the spiritual world, a mysterious therapy that has not established EBM is rampant.
I would be happy if I could talk about the reality and potential of spiritual therapy from the standpoint of a scientist as a doctor.
This time, I would like to touch on the previous life therapy and channeling that are considered taboo in the scientific field.
I have doubts about unbelievably believing in spirits and previous life that cannot be scientifically proven.
Isn't it true that spiritual therapy is highly social because it is an effort to search for its existence and evidence objectively, and to publicize the facts worthy of belief?
It is also the job of scientists to challenge a world that cannot be solved by science.
Of course, we will keep you up-to-date on topics related to specialized anti-aging.
There have been many seminars and academic lectures for specialists, but lectures for the general public are a little breathtaking.

If you have time, please come to the venue.