After double eyelid treatment

Regarding discounted double eyelid surgery

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At many cosmetic surgery clinicsdouble eyelidThere are many different types of equipment, but there are many different types of equipment used.

There is a major cosmetic surgeon who is said to be a new doctor because the burial method is easy, but the burial method is a difficult operation to perform firmly.
The cheating doesn't work.

Suddenly after just two weeksdouble eyelidThere is actually a cosmetic surgery clinic that performs the surgery of the patient as a practice table.

There are treatments that are greatly discounted, miscellaneous, unwarranted, and incapable of troubleshooting.

The eyes won't stop for a long time.
Such a complaint at these clinicsdouble eyelidPatients who come to the consultation with anxiety who can receive the surgery of the endlessly.

It is safe because it is a major company.
Because it is a major, it can be operated at low cost.
Reliable technology.
Labor costs are no different in any clinic. (What does it mean that doctors' labor costs are not much different?)

Is it true?
These cosmetic surgery clinics may hire inexperienced doctors and perform miscellaneous medical activities without even attending a conference.

Many of the directors of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Association, including myself, are very concerned about clinics that offer low-quality cosmetic surgery practices at such discounts.
Reduce operating costs and attract more customers!
If the doctor changes, can the trouble be unavoidable?

Certainly, it is beneficial for patients to have low surgical costs, but please be aware that there is a major disadvantage of being troubled by miscellaneous surgery.

Do you know your doctor's name?
The years of experience of the attending physician, the number of cases, and the presence of a specialist.
Surgery method, detailed postoperative course, guarantee.
Are the counseling doctor and the surgeon / guarantor always the same?
Take time to the patient,double eyelidDo you specifically explain the method of surgery, progress after surgery and possible items?
On the day, recommend surgery or a loandouble eyelidDo you have any surgery?

Please check firmly.