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This week, last week, coverage continued.
From Asian Spas to Clinic Spas, the aesthetic editorial department is concerned with the gentle wave of LED treatment system.
Last week, we had an interview with an adult Tokyo wooker.

I am honored to have been evaluated as a medical facility that can provide information on new aesthetic medicine.
In the past, there were many interviews related to treatment, but recently there have been more interviews related to medical esthetics and spas.

5 years ago, I opened a medical spa for the first time as a Japanese medical institution in Akasaka and received a great response.
The ultimate version of the hydro-tone jet bath was introduced and became a hot topic as the only hydrotherapy clinic in Japan, but recently, a similar system seems to have been introduced to beauty salons and resort hotels.

I want to strive to be able to send information so as to keep up with the times.