Doctor patient

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2 doctors visited our clinic as patients today.

One of them is a major doctor who has worked as a professor at a famous university medical school.
I received anti-aging treatment and was referred to me for a cosmetic dermatology treatment.
I told you that 5 was rejuvenated and I was very satisfied and I was able to return home.
A considerable number of doctors visit the clinic as patients.
The same person is nervous about medical treatment, but it is easier to treat than the general public because the treatment contents and treatment effects can be understood well.

Medical care that prioritizes quality is sometimes a management risk.
However, the quality will ultimately make the business run as food manufacturers are exposed to issues with camouflage.

In the cosmetic surgery industry, there is a clinic chain that performs double eyelid surgery for both sides.
Why are surgical costs cheaper than material costs?
You can understand if you think about it.
It's 1 10 surgery cost for my clinic.
However, there is a minimum necessary cost.

Medical care must be demanded of strict quality more than food sales.

The reality is that there are clinics that use the botox of a manufacturer whose location is unclear, or have a doctor who has no experience at all perform the surgery alone.

We pray for the spread of legitimate medical care as a specialist, and are conscious of further efforts.