Cosmetic dermatology

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Today, I gave Botox to an acquaintance.

Of course, this is a treatment aimed at treating wrinkles.
Recently, cosmetic dermatologists have become prosperous like bamboo shoots throughout the country.
Unfortunately, there are situations where doctors who are not well trained are looking at them to perform treatments and have many troubles.
Because it ’s just injections, it ’s easy to do it.
Dermatologists have entered the cosmetic dermatology field with ease like this.
Moreover, there are cases that suddenly appear in the media as a charismatic dermatologist.
How about as a doctor to suddenly perform petit plastic surgery or collagen injection without undergoing surgical training?
Even a single injection is very different in technology, knowledge, and thinking.

In addition, it is also true that there are medical institutions that are collecting low-cost patients and promoting them as if they were using genuine botox as if they purchased raw materials at low cost to pursue profit.

Only the product of a pharmaceutical company called Allergan in the United States can be called botox, but let's be careful as cheap products made in China and Korea are on the market recently. In addition to Botox made by Allergan in the United States, inexpensive Botox called “Disport” released by pharmaceutical companies called BTXA made in China and Ibsen in the UK is on the market, but these contain a lot of impurities such as gelatin. , Problems such as weak effects have been pointed out, and safety has not been confirmed. Botox is probably the same, but there are significant differences not only in the generation method but also in safety and effectiveness. Only allergan botox is approved by public agencies such as FDA and MDA.

As the problems of Chinese products are greatly highlighted, the quality of Chinese products at medical institutions is also required to be paid attention.

Providing high-quality medical care and information to patients is also regarded as the mission of beauty dermatologists.

I am still going back to the basics and attending the study session.

Participation in the seminar has new discoveries.