Medical treatment in Nagoya

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This afternoon, I was very tired from a series of business patients representing Nagoya.
It was a comfortable fatigue.

Both men and women are very interested in rejuvenation treatment. People who are active at the forefront of business and are always featured in industry papers, newspapers, etc. are worried about wrinkles, stains and sagging. It seems to have become.

Self-investment is important.

Even if you use a car or a watch for a long time, maintenance is always necessary, but there are very few people who care for the body in Japan.

A health check is like a car inspection, not maintenance.
It is necessary to improve before it breaks, not cure after it breaks.

I am 46 years old and I am also practicing with my own body and face.

Science training and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the studio, aroma massage and spa in the healing room, photo RF refarm in the treatment room, cocktail infusion and antioxidant treatment in the infusion room.

This is the perfect plan to rejuvenate your 50 body by the age of 20.

Of course, healing is also important, so we will play a new cover song with singer / songwriter Takeharu Oya this week on the studio! ! !

Music is great.
I feel that my dreams and hopes come from my body when I play the guitar.