Lip Petit Shaping

Women's own coverage

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Today, there was a woman's interview at the Akasaka clinic.
The content is lip care.
A collager is a system that opens a hole with radio pulses and introduces large molecules such as hyaluronic acid to create a precious lip.
You can feel the wonderful effect.
Are you pretty cute with my own lip care? I have had lips.

I was surprised around.

某 A movie actor came to play.

I watched a weekly woman released on 1 month 22 day, found a picture of the stage greeting at my movie preview, and I'm on it! I was excited.
It ’s so lately that media exposure is so high.
In this issue I was on a page or two with photos and manga, so I'm bigger! I was proud of. There is no armor.

When you go back to Nagoya and turn on your TV at home, is his special feature? But.
ゲ ス ト As a guest on the show.

He put on the red ring he gave.
Of course his energy color is red.
There is no doubt that the energy color will attract a great deal of attention in the entertainment world with his future success.
I'm dreaming of being the youngest number one movie actor and the K1 champion and Pancrase Champion Shaw.
2 people will surely give a great deal of courage to children and those who are unhappy.

Of course, the energy color red singer-songwriter Takeharu Oya gives you the impression and healing with the best new songs.

I wish everyone a big dream.