Chubu Keizai Shimbun interview

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There was an interview about a new business model today.

It is a so-called M & A for medical institutions.
Businesses that combine hardware and software have higher added value.
Creating a brand requires a lot of effort, money and time.
Japanese companies have a hard time evaluating brands and software.
The medical business is no exception.
Even though formal evaluations of facilities, equipment, and equipment are performed, doctors' skills, brand power, and performance seem to be poorly evaluated.

Akasaka clinic has been working on anti-aging medical research and creating new business models.

We also introduced Japan's first full-fledged medical spa five and a half years ago.
It was also the first time in Japan that advocating conditioning by introducing anti-aging into sports.
Blessed with many top trainers, it has become possible to support many athletes based on the new anti-aging sports medicine.

I myself am a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist, but I am a professional fighter trainer and an athlete trainer.
We firmly believe that the great potential of anti-aging medicine is directly linked to the great potential of anti-aging business.

A big business model will be possible if medical and business can be carried out in partnership with companies at a new stage.

In this interview, the reporter told us about the business model we proposed and the M & A plan for the Akasaka facility.

Sakae Clinic