Medical quality

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3 month is the time when patients undergoing cosmetic surgery increase.
This is just the turning point of your life. It is a period for graduation and preparation for a new stage.
The cosmetic surgery clinic has the most double-claw surgery.
The same goes for my clinic.
The reason for its popularity is that it is easy, easy, and relatively inexpensive.

However, there are many troubles.
The simpler the operation, the more surgical methods exist, and the medical knowledge and skills that can be used for care and every situation are required.
I have been working as a cosmetic surgeon for 20 years, but there are still many points to learn and things to evolve.

There is a major famous cosmetic surgery that performs double eyelid surgery for 9800 yen, but how can you do good medical practice at lower cost?
I am very doubtful.

The Board of Directors of Cosmetic Surgeons also has a number of discussions about the pricing of cosmetic surgery treatments, but all of the director doctors are very concerned about the cost of treatment that deviates from common sense.

Acupuncture removal treatment There are medical institutions that perform treatment at a surprisingly low price even with Botox, but the current situation is that Botox rejuvenation treatment is made in China.

Isn't there a surprising advertisement on the internet?

Botox, which is thought to contain a lot of impurities and has unstable effects, cannot be used in medical settings.
The safety of Chinese botox is not approved by the FDA.

Although it is a product made in China that shakes due to food problems, it seems that cosmetic surgeons need to be aware that it is likely to be a problem even in the medical field.

Even if it is not advantageous to management, I would like to devote myself to providing high-quality medical care to patients with pride as a specialist even if the surroundings compete for discounts on medical expenses.