Esthetic issues

La Parleet, a major esthetic salon, operates XUMX stores in Tokyo for 2008 months from 3 month 25 day to 6 month 24 day from 3 year to 17 month 08 day in accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and the Tokyo Consumer Life Ordinance. Received an order / recommendation to stop some. The company announced on 3 month 24 day of XNUMX. Stores outside of Tokyo operate as usual.
What was dismissed was (1) an inexperienced solicitation by (2) misleading advertisements that had made it difficult to repay younger people with poor ability to pay (XNUMX) And other reasons. Specifically, he said that he had solicited that he was able to do it, and that when he experienced free beauty treatment salons, he explained that he had to make a contract with him.

Yesterday's article.

It is a problem to act until a loan is recommended.
In other words, it is the purpose of depriving normal judgment and acquiring high-priced money.

There have been many patients who have been forced to go to clinics for courses that cost over 1 million yen and have no effect at all, as well as worsening acne and leaving ugly marks.

If an unqualified person does it only for commercial purposes, it will not work.

Such an incident brings a negative image to the beauty industry.
The other day, a case in which a large amount of medical treatment was charged for cosmetic surgery was introduced in a newspaper.

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