Paris International Anti-Aging Society

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I returned from Paris today.
I participated in the International Anti-Aging Society.
Last year it was held in Monaco.
This year, we booked a hotel near the conference venue, Four Seasons Hotel Jorge Sank.
Accommodation fee is about 150,000 yen per night due to the academic society.
Breakfast was fortunate but with continental breakfast
6000 yen. Price for juice, bread and coffee only.

Despite the general rooms that are not suites, it was quite expensive.
First-class hotel with first-class service and guests.
This class is not found in Japan.
Challenge massage with a visit to SPA.
Aroma massage 50 minutes, Japanese yen 33,000 yen.
The price was not possible in Japan.
However, the service and treatment contents were sufficient to meet this price.

The clinic also has a medical spa, but there is much to learn
I realized that a lot of effort was needed to aim for first-class service, hospitality and technique.

In addition to academic societies, I received mesotherapy lectures and practical training at celebrity clinics in Paris.
I attended a seminar with professors from Sakai University who came from Japan.

I visited the city between seminars and academic societies for a short time.
I realized the difference in the level of history and culture.

This year's conference was attended by six clinicians, the highest number of Japanese participants. Three doctors. For a female doctor, learning in Paris is wonderful.

What you feel depends on where you learn.
When I opened a medical spa in Akasaka for the first time in Japan six years ago, I started by looking at information from overseas without any information in Japan. I felt it.
Of course, even in Japan, there are facilities that far outperform the four seasons, but software is still a lot.

We will start a full-scale discussion of anti-aging research tomorrow.
I don't think there is a long time when medical, beauty treatment, and SPA will be established as a business.