Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association Board of Directors

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Last night, the annual Japan Cosmetic Surgery Board meeting was held at the New Otani Hotel in Akasaka.

I participated as one of the directors.

In this meeting, we will discuss mutual aid associations, support for the management of academic societies, and responses to complaints from patients.

As for the topic, opinions were exchanged from the management of the cosmetic surgery clinic to problems with medical institutions that sell miscellaneous cosmetic surgery at a low price.

Why is it possible to perform double hemorrhoid surgery with the best technology at 9800 yen?
The threats and risks of botox made in China.
Cause of death.
Current state of the latest treatment, etc ...

This column objectively captures the risks of cosmetic surgery.

The management situation of cosmetic surgery clinics, which are selling small and low prices, is good, and it is actually happening that clinics that provide medical care from the patient's standpoint are difficult to manage.

Quality is an absolute requirement for medical care.