Disinfection is strictly prohibited for wounds

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I always thought that the child was sterilized at the kindergarten, and I advised the teachers.

Correct wound / burn healing

To protect your precious child from wrong treatment!
Wound treatment professional Advice from cosmetic surgeons

In everyday situations, you may encounter many wounds and burns of children.

The same was true for my child, but the wound was immediately disinfected, gauze, dried, and the scab was made as soon as possible ... go to the hospital every day for disinfection.

This has been done forcibly.

I regret that the current situation in which many doctors and parents are taking care of these wounds is now being carried out by many doctors and parents.

From my experience as a surgeon and cosmetic surgeon in 20

1: The wound should never be disinfected with disinfectants such as Macilon, Scratch Dry or Isodine.

2: Do not apply gauze to the wound

3: Immediately after being injured, wash with tap water and cover with hydrocolloid material (if there is no hydrocolloid agent, just cover it with food saran wrap)

It is necessary and sufficient for first aid.

If you apply a disinfectant suddenly to a child's wound, not only will the child be afraid of severe pain, but the healing of the scar will be very bad.

Please take care not to disinfect the wound.