Writing for sports magazines Correct care of wounds

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A manuscript for coaching clinics, a specialized magazine for sports coaches, is currently in the process of writing a manuscript on how to correct the wound.

Up to now, the care of wounds in the sports world has been terribly delayed, and it seems that there are many cases where wrong care that is not much different from the so-called early Showa period is still being carried out at sports sites.

In particular, many athletes have been damaged by the wrong wound treatment of untrained sports leaders.

Of course, there is still ridiculous care at school, such as disinfecting wounds and covering them directly with gauze.

1: Never disinfect

2: Gauze does not directly touch the wound

3: Wash the wound with tap water

There is common sense of wound treatment.

Compared to conventional disinfection and gauze methods, the healing speed is more than 3 times and it is healed beautifully without pain! ! !

HP columnBut I will introduce it.

I hope that the proper care of wounds will spread as early as 1 days.

In this writing, we will borrow a valuable case picture from Dr. Akihiro Mizuhara, a leading wound care specialist.

As a cosmetic surgeon and top athlete trainer, I would like to strive to spread correct wound care.