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Today was a closed day, so I went to a bookstore to buy a medical book.
I needed to go further and study about wound treatment, so when I read the books written by various plastic surgeons ...
Wound disinfection, isodine gel, Eupasta ointment? ...
A specialized book written by a famous plastic surgery professor.

There are cases where specialists still need to disinfect wounds in medical books that can also be textbooks. There are demerits and disadvantages due to disinfection failures, and it was decided to disinfect them. Is there really a merit?

In my experience so far, there has clearly been no case where the wounds or scratches were disinfected and the healing seemed accelerated.
Rather, the patient heals quickly enough to realize that it cannot be disinfected.
There have been no 1 cases of infection without disinfection.
I think it is inevitable, not accidental. Minor surgery is performed in tens of thousands of cases over 20 year.
I think that the progress of the wound has been considerably examined as a doctor.
Clean sutures do not require disinfection and should not be applied directly to gauze.
Soflatur is out of the question.
That's why I didn't even buy sofrature since opening.
I remembered my days as a resident when I was sorry for the patient just by imagining the pain of tearing off the sopratules.
I am ashamed that 20 years ago I was treating a ridiculous wound as a surgeon under the guidance of a medical office.
That is why now, as a specialist, we believe that our mission is to spread the right wound care.

Dr. Natsui is striving to spread the right medical care without losing many pressures.

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