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Product reliability?

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Is a certain company famous for scratches that have been evaluated as harmful products in wound treatment hype?

2008 / 06 / 13-02: 03 No effect on “sterilization with silver”
On the 12th, the Fair Trade Commission said that Kogaku Pharmaceutical (Chuo-ku, Osaka City) sold “to be sterilized with silver ions” had no actual effect and violated the Premium Labeling Law (good misidentification). An exclusion order was issued to the company.
According to the FTC, the products in question are the fragrance deodorant “Silver Deodorant Original Toilet” and the flush toilet “Silver Bluelet” only and the refill.
As a result of verifying the data submitted by the company, the deodorant was displayed to disinfect the entire space in the toilet, but only the filter paper attached to the main body was actually disinfected. Bluelet also indicated that it was “preventing black spots with silver ions,” but in fact it was not effective in preventing darkening in the toilet.
The suggested retail price is 280-380 yen (excluding tax). From around November 2005 to February this year, a total of about 49.96 million units were shipped, with sales of about 1,028 million yen.
In February, the company voluntarily collected 12 other items such as household deodorizers that contain silver, because they are over-labeled, but they have not received an exclusion order.