Wound Care Special Report

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

Today, the sports magazine Coaching Clinic 8 Monthly has arrived.
Introducing the correct wound care special report I advocate with the editorial department's consideration introduced in the feature article on page 7

Until now

1: Disinfect
2: Apply gauze directly
3: Prohibit bathing
4: Apply oronaine ointment or apply scratch dry to the wound to make a scab.

Such a completely wrong treatment has been carried out as a matter of course.

However, all these are now treated as false wounds in medicine.

1: Never disinfect wounds
2: Do not apply gauze
3: Bathing is OK from day 3
4: Both oronain and scratch dry are meaningless treatment for wounds

Is a legitimate treatment concept.

The reason why these correct treatments are not recognized or popularized is because the habits of medical professionals and doctors who have conducted many years of medical practice without any doubt remain.

In sports scenes, there are also instructions that can be beaten by trainers unless they are disinfected.

With tap water, saran wrap, and white petrolatum, the wound will improve with natural healing power at a surprising speed.

Is it really quick and painless to heal wounds with just 100 yen?

It may be unavoidable to be doubted.
Some doctors don't even know.

But it is true.

If the correct wound care I advocate is medically wrong or the healing of the wound is delayed, I will immediately quit the cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist.

In order to eliminate children and athletes who suffer from pain and scars due to treatment of wrong wounds, we would like to conduct educational activities to spread lifelong wound care.

I would like to support the refugee camps and children around the world who have been injured in disasters so that they can heal wounds quickly.