Wound treatment

Today I received dental treatment from a dentist friend.
This time, he will be asked to give a practical lecture on PRP treatment.
This is a treatment in which autologous blood is collected and plasma containing a large amount of platelets is extracted using a centrifuge and applied to an implant.
In cosmetic dermatology, it is used for wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation.

He asked him to listen to a wound healing lecture.
The wound in the mouth will heal immediately.
He said.

That's right! It is a wound!

It is not cured because it is in the mouth.

For wounds and suture wounds in the oral cavity

1: Do not disinfect.

2: Do not apply gauze

3: Do not apply cream

4: There are no bathing restrictions

Such you.

Intraoral wounds rarely suppurate.

that's strange?
Because the inside of the oral cavity is free of germs in the saliva.

I thought carefully.

There is an environment in which the wound can be healed smoothly because the oral cavity cannot perform any conventional wound care on the skin.

This is really the right wound treatment.

He was also convinced.

Today, I received a polite email from Dr. Nasui, the leading wound treatment person in Japan, and I was introduced to my homepage as a doctor who is doing wet treatment.

As Dr. Natsui pointed out, small ○ made ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ http://www.wound-treatment.jp/wound022.htm This harmful product has really damaged many children and athletes The

I thought I had to save the children who were used as money making tools and suffered from pain.

Therefore, we strongly urged you to put the product name in the editorial department with your real name in this coaching clinic 8 monthly issue.
I think the editorial department made a great decision.

This reduces the number of victims of this product.

I am also following the wonderful activities of Dr. Natsui and I would like to further accelerate the spread of correct care for wounds.

A social issue where a food company is hit by such disguise of food, and the next may be a pharmaceutical company.

I hope that corporations that cause serious damage to consumers who sell incorrect information and products in pursuit of profits will correct their collars.

In order to protect children and athletes from accidental wound treatment, a new wound care HP has been launched. l
The contents will be updated from time to time by adding case photos.