New wound healing response

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The August issue of Coaching Clinic was published and published. We received various feedbacks regarding new wound treatments.

It was expected to some extent, but ...

・ What do you do if you get tetanus without disinfection?
・ That would be impossible at school!
・ Continuous wet therapy would be a violation of medical law! There are many disadvantages that cannot be done.
・ It may be strange to sterilize until dirty scratches
・ Rap will be worn!
・ Teachers are well acquainted with moisturizing therapy, and it would be rude.
I've never heard a cosmetic surgeon bite into wound care
・ If you are doing a suture, you don't have to do disinfection or gauze.
・ Teacher's theory of interpretation is expanded.
・ I know good things, but I can't do it on site. If the wound suppurates, it becomes a problem
・ It would be strange to advocate dissatisfaction by a good teacher or public institution
・ Professor of Plastic Surgery at Sakai University is sounding a horn for disinfection hazard
・ I have been disinfecting so far and have not been suppurated.
・ It would be outrageous if you used filthy wraps
・ What's wrong with gauze
・ What about tap water outside Japan?
・ Teachers are suffering from a dilemma that they cannot know even if they are familiar with wet therapy.


Unfortunately, there were people who rigorously argued their opinions without reading carefully even though almost all the answers were theoretically answered in the magazine or HP.

Actually, there were few critical opinions in the sports world, but rather in the education world.
Even in the medical community, self-proclaimed plastic surgeons & cosmetic surgeons are unilaterally asserting their theories and don't care about dressing! I was surprised to say that.
Suture life.
After that time will be cured, so disinfection and gauze are irrelevant!
I'm worried about what the wounds and scars look like if this doctor really did cosmetic surgery.

It turns out that there are many thoughts and legitimate claims can sometimes be considered a problem.

I would like to continue to enhance HP with a fairer eye.

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