Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Association Board of Directors

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Last night, the regular Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Board meeting was held in New Otani.
Unlike academic societies that are academic societies, this is a society that is necessary for exchanging information such as the rights and management of doctors and conducting medical work.
This time, Kyosaikai, the 5 International Cosmetic Surgery Society, and the medical institution that caused the medical accident were discussed.
Unfortunately, in cosmetic surgery, there are many medical accidents caused by doctors' mistakes and inexperience, although surgery must be performed based on absolute safety.
Mostly, it is caused by a case where an unskilled doctor performs a random operation.
The clinic opened with experience in cosmetic surgery in just 1-2 years.
Largely advertising and attracting patients.
Trouble occurred by recommending high-risk and expensive surgery.

Most of the accidents could be prevented by choosing adaptation and being careful and humble.

In recent years, the number of doctors who have moved on to cosmetic surgery because they feel the limitations of insurance treatment has increased rapidly. However, moral decline, neglect of contraindications, low-quality cosmetic treatment with priority on profits, and Chinese-made medical drugs Revenue priority used.
It is also true that there is a big problem.

I have been involved in cosmetic surgery for more than 20 years, so if I think that I can avoid the absolute risk, surgery is well-adapted and I have to come up with a careful and solid surgical plan.
Even with advanced medical techniques such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and osteotomy, there is no risk at all, so doctors' ability to select morals and indications is required beyond advanced techniques.

I hope that the medical image will not deteriorate the industry image.