One day of medical treatment

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Return from 2 days off.
Today was a medical day.
Noon lunch with a certain movie actor.
They stopped by a clinic on the way home from filming in Kyoto.
This year, she appeared in 8 movies.
I expect to get a prize.

Has been attracting attention as regenerative medicine since the afternoon PRP therapy.
In fact, PRP therapy has many kits sold in the country, and there are manufacturers that make PR expressions that are effective by manufacturers and expressions that can be taken as over advertising.

Some doctors have expressed the view that it is more effective because it contains white blood, while other doctors have injected bFGF into PRP.

The clinic uses Swiss REGEN kits, which are highly evaluated in Japan and have been well established.

In this treatment, I tried to summarize the opinions of Prof. Kubota, the leading expert in Japan.

Recently, there is a medical institution that conducts ACR called PRP therapy including leukocytes, but the evaluation has not yet been finalized, but excessive PR expression has been taken.
In our hospital, we use the Regen kit, which has the most clinical cases in Japan and the most reliable for side effects and therapeutic effects.
In addition, there is a medical institution that performs a procedure to mix and inject bFGF (fibroblast growth factor) called fiblast (Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) even though safety and efficacy have not been confirmed.
Fiblast is a medical material used in the treatment of wounds, and its use in skin rejuvenation is not approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, nor does it have definite evidence.
It is the view that such medical practice is a medical treatment that pursues only undefined effects and ignores safety completely and is not reliable.
Since safety and quality are important in medical care, regenerative medicine that attracts patients with excessive PR for treatment with serious problems in evaluation and evidence is doubtful.
I hope that it will not interfere with the doctors who are serious about the next generation of excellent PRP therapy.

I agree.

There is resistance to PR as a good treatment for a treatment with very little evidence and risk.

There are many treatments that are considered effective even if the evidence is scarce.

Evidence doesn't necessarily excel in the clinical setting, but it is doubtful of the PR method that guides the patient in the wrong direction.

Various discussions are likely to be exchanged with the ACR method, which is expected to continue to flourish in the future.