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Medical quality

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I was surprised by 2 degree in the medical treatment today.

Is 1 a nurse called Polaris or Photo RF? There are many medical facilities, and even if the machines are the same, it is not necessary for the doctor to irradiate because the result is the same regardless of who irradiates. From the patient's words, it can be seen that there are doctors in Nagoya that are proud of the patient.
Why is it that the effect is completely different even if a patient who visits after a long time goes to another place? I understand from the question.
I was taken by a friend to a facility where discounts were given and received treatment, but it was not effective at all, a nurse? It seems that the doctor came out and complained and told that if the machines were the same, the doctor did not need to irradiate.
If the treatment is performed by a nurse, it is a violation of the doctor's law if the nurse does it without permission.
It's a gray zone act.
In addition, the manufacturer also answered that doctors irradiate as much as possible, and the effect is clearly different between the case where the doctor examines the patient efficiently and the method in which the nurse applies appropriately according to the manual. The
There should be no such guidance at the seminar.

Is nurse-only irradiation really a cure?

In the evening, a patient was admitted to the hospital who fell on a bicycle and had a knee injury.
I was treated by a nearby dermatologist, but my friend was wondering about the treatment and visited our hospital online.
The wound was well sterilized and the sophratur was firmly attached, and gauze was applied directly on it.
It was difficult to peel off blood that had clotted tightly and stuck to the sophrature, gauze, and wound.

This is not possible with current medicine.
Disinfection, sophratur, gauze, etc. are all unnecessary. Anti-medical activities that hurt patients.

A simple procedure was performed with a cult stat (covered with an algin sun salt covering material and a film dressing called OPSITE was applied).
Immediately allowed bathing.

Recently, many patients have been injured and instructed to come to disinfection every day.
Even doctors are in a situation like this, so in the sports world and school settings, the treatment of bruises is being carried out imposingly.
It was a disappointing medical day.

The medical school should be instructed so that it can be well treated.
I look forward to future medical education.