HARG therapy

Hair growth treatment seminar

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Yesterday, there was a seminar on hair growth and hair restoration treatment using regenerative medicine called HARG therapy in Yokohama.
We sometimes performed hair growth treatment at our hospital, but decided to go in earnest according to our needs.

Since it was a hands-on, I was allowed to perform not only the actual operation scenery but also the operation.

Looking at a specific case live, I thought it was extremely difficult to regenerate hair.

Propecia and minoxidil can be applied, but the effect is limited, but AAPE and vitamin cocktails are almost surely regenerated after months of mesotherapy and topical injection, and the hair is regenerated.

You can expect great certainty by adding LED, internal medicine, and external medicine.

Re ● ○○○ 's hair growth course seems to be 200-300 10,000 yen, but the effect is not comparable, and the treatment can be performed at a much lower cost.

In about 1 years, treatment is planned at medical institutions at 50 facilities nationwide.

A social gathering with participating doctors after the seminar.
Ms. Kazunori Mizutani, who played a major role as the chairman of the Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Society the other day, and Fukuoka Minato Clinic, the chairman of this association and the lecturer of the seminar, were able to exchange a lot of aesthetic medical information.
The story of wound care was a great excitement.

The 5 International Cosmetic Surgery Society will give a presentation on the topic of wound treatment in cosmetic surgery.
As a cosmetic surgeon, I will talk about wound treatment knowledge and techniques that I need to know at a minimum.