Cut man

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Full contact KARATE series first started.
As a latest treatment / training project, we will introduce the care and training methods that overturn the common sense of the sports world.

We will also introduce training methods that have resulted in results from international competitions by requesting cooperation from trainers in the sports department.
Wound care is scheduled to be posted next month, but this is a very shocking content.
Today, the contents of the 2 series are finalized.

In that, I tried to talk a little about Cutman.
I think there are few people who know it, but in the world of professional boxing, it will be more important than a trainer.
There is a profession called Cutman.
Cutman who was active in PRIDE was invited from overseas.

I will tell you a little about the contents.

Cut man
Have you ever heard of the word cut man?
It's a professional who cares for wounds cut during seconds such as boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.
Actually, I am a professional cutman.
Perhaps I am the only doctor in the world who is a professional boxing cutman.
So far, he has been a cutman in the official game as a second over 200 game including World, Toyo Pacific and Japan title match.
Cuts are a natural part of martial arts matches.
How to stop bleeding and prevent wounds in a short time of 1 minutes. Bleeding robs the field of view and bears great handicap.
Cutman technology can even influence the outcome of the match.
Jacob Duran, an American who played a major role in the PRIDE ring, appeared as a cutman in the movie Rocky and has played an active role as a legendary cutman in many professional boxing world matches and mixed martial arts matches.

It is also famous that Daigo Kameda invited Katman Ruben Lira from Mexico for a world war against Naito.
Cutman is a trainer in the game.
Previously there was a cutman who secretly used bosmin, a hemostatic material for medical purposes, but it is strictly illegal. Non-doctors should not care for others' wounds with medical materials.
Secretly use a vasoconstrictor and press with a cotton swab, apply petrolatum and stop bleeding. Isn't it also performed in the world war?
There are pros and cons to using drugs during the game.
Currently, there is a hemostatic cotton-like material extracted from seaweed called calcium alginate, and if this is mixed with petrolatum and pressed with a cotton swab, it may be surprisingly successful.
In other words, even without using chemicals, a part of the wound dressing and petrolatum are mixed in a special ratio and the so-called secret hemostatic petrolatum is applied to the cut wound to stop bleeding. We are confident that this technology can be applied to the world.
It has no side effects and is not a so-called doping act.
Compression is the best way to stop bleeding. However, it is much more effective than simply pressing with a cotton swab.