Cosmetic surgery

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Yesterday, there was cosmetic surgery other than cosmetic dermatology.
My specialty is cosmetic surgery, but I do not want to do it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Is there an absolute indication for cosmetic surgery?

It is not urgent because it is not ill, and surgery is performed according to the patient's wishes.
Cosmetic surgery is indicated if there are no other treatments that can relieve the patient's problems.
Of course, surgery is only performed when the risk is much greater than the risk compared to the benefit.
Informed consent is extremely demanding.

Yesterday's patient had a big regret for being an acupuncture surgery when he was a teenager.

某 Cosmetic Surgery is famous as a major cosmetic surgery clinic for sale.
He seemed to be able to have an operation with almost no explanation. The result is not very satisfying and the body and mind are seriously injured.
It seems that regrets have grown even further due to the messiness of medical institutions.

Cosmetic surgery is not the recommended surgery, and isn't it the ultimate treatment when you can solve your problems only through cosmetic surgery?

I am timid and technically still immature, so I can't do surgery that deviates from my ability.
Without the ability and willingness to guarantee 100% lifetime, cosmetic surgery cannot be performed on patients.

The other day, there was a report that a cosmetic surgeon had two fatalities and sent documents.
Actually, the first victim was also my patient.

I was told the day before when I had a major surgery.

After that, the police went many times to ask the patient's preoperative condition for the purpose of standing as negligence on business.
This is because I was in charge of the detailed inspection before the operation.
Of course, the test results are normal for all items.

The clinic was conducting an anti-aging test on this patient.

I still think that cosmetic surgery was absolutely unnecessary for the patient, and I regretted that I couldn't tell you to stop the surgery.

And the second victim.
It seems that it was a similar operation.

I think it was a medical accident that could have been prevented if the first accident was successful.

I am very worried that the wonderful cosmetic surgery technology and medical care that can contribute to society will be carried out by doctors who over-confidence in technology, and will be seen as gray zone medical care by society.

I would be glad if I could convey the guidelines of aesthetic medicine firmly while trying my best not to use aesthetic surgery in the pursuit of profit only.