Anti-aging lunch and dinner

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Today's lunch is ANA Hotels Hotel Grand Court Chinese Cuisine Karin, which will start next year in 1 month. We had a special tasting party to be supervised by me.

With the top of the food and beverage department, the chef and the marketing department staff, we examined various things such as seasoning, contents, ingredients, and containers.

At present, the hotel in Nagoya is one of the number one Chinese restaurants in terms of taste, content, atmosphere and outlook.

While the year-on-year rate has been decreasing at other restaurants, the current situation of ups also confirms the splendor of taste.

The lunch menu has already been very popular, and it has been decided that a special dinner plan will be launched in the next year.

I am very honored to be in charge of the supervisor at the 1-style restaurant at the 1-style hotel.

As a feature of this cooking menu

1: The ingredients are all high-quality ingredients produced in Japan

2: Incorporating content that has been evaluated as a highly oxidized food

3: No upper white sugar is used (only brown sugar is used)

4: Take calories into account

5: To prevent the seasoning from becoming too light

The new course at the tasting party was really great and the price was reasonable and recommended with confidence.

This course is packed with chef's commitment, pride, and research minds that have been active at super-famous hotels.

Next year, various events are planned to commemorate the 10 anniversary, and my seminars and lectures will be held.

It was a time to think about the importance of food and the quality and meaning of ingredients.