Heavily injured! ? Naoya's fall case.

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The other day in Birdlands, Cairns.

Naoya, who fell on her daughter's foot, banged her face on a concrete road covered with bird droppings.

After crying and complaining of pain, my sister, Rena, got angry that she caught her foot.

After that, the relationship between the two became a brutal mood.
Reina insists that Naoya is bad because she runs. The right argument.

Naoya has suffered a deep bruise where the top of her nose is removed.
Pretty surprised.

but it's okay!
Because wound treatment is a specialty of dad.

No need to go to the hospital.

At the age of 2, there was an incident where the tip of a finger was torn off while traveling, but it was completely cured without any scars in response to calmness.

Scratch power pad Petan.

Observe the experimentally coated and uncoated areas.
Naoya, whose face is covered with birds, is not disinfected at all, and can only be washed with tap water.

Amazing healing!

Complete in just 5 days! .

Mom who continued to shoot even though her son was crazy.

Soon, Naoya's wound changes will be improved on the wound healing website.