High concentration vitamin C drip therapy

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Recently, the topical high-concentration vitamin C drip therapy started at the clinic from last year.

In fact, 7 years ago, I purchased high-concentration vitamin C from the US as a private import and administered it to my father-in-law.

At that time, there was no protocol and I thought of myself and was doing cocktail infusions with multiple drugs.
I think that there was little consideration about osmotic pressure now.
PH adjustment, osmotic pressure, drug interaction, etc.
That's important.

My father-in-law died of lung cancer about 6 years ago, but I got information that there is evidence that there is evidence as alternative medicine.

In addition to cancer treatment, high-concentration vitamin C drip therapy is gaining attention as anti-aging.

Few doctors were doing high-concentration vitamin C therapy in the country 7 years ago.

Yesterday I administered 25 grams, or 25000 mg. Due to osmotic pressure, Mg was instilled together, but I was able to sleep well last night.

Recently, the accumulation of evidence has progressed, and reports of therapeutic results superior to anticancer drugs have been obtained.

High-concentration vitamin C therapy is a treatment that has been persecuted by historical concealment and political background.

The real value will be asked from now on.

My intuition was 7 years ago.
I am happy.

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