YAG laser

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January 18 A medical seminar for medical professionals and doctors will be held at the Tokyo Baycourt Club.
Of course, it is a medical manufacturer.

I would like to talk about a new treatment with YAG laser and its potential.

COSJET TR introduced last year

In addition to the treatment of pigmented diseases such as blemishes, bruises and tattoos, it can be applied to skin rejuvenation, acne treatment and pore treatment.

It is also effective for stains of intractable melasma.

Laser theory is a very interesting area that combines physics, physiology, chemistry and biology.
Recent developments in technology are also amazing, but the skills of doctors who use them have made it possible to treat skin diseases that have been given up so far.

The more you study, the more interested you are in lasers and biotechnology.
In this term, it seems that papers can be written even with laser.
From April, we will invite specialists to set up a full-fledged research day and start working on the latest treatments for evidence.

Laser toning, laser peeling ...

I think that new concepts will develop further.

Sakae Clinic