Seminar / Workshop

It takes about 1 minute to read this article.

Yesterday's collagen / hyaluronic acid and cosmetic dermatology clinic seminars were attended by practitioner dermatologists and in-service physicians, and a small workshop was held.

In addition to the collagen and hyaluronic acid injection techniques, this time, we introduced the technique of petit shaping, which can be easily introduced by the dermatologist.

Simple formation due to hyaluronic acid in the nose and jaw.

Treatment time is about 5 minutes.
We had the staff become monitors and performed the treatment.

It was a seminar organized by Allergan, but I was very impressed with the quality of the text.

I would be pleased if we could continue to hold seminars and workshops on the introduction of cosmetic dermatology, the basics of medical treatment, and application editions, and to convey the appeal of cosmetic dermatology to many clinicians.

Cosmetic dermatology, a highly promising practice, is now popular.
It is expected that more doctors aiming for medical treatment in this field will increase in the future.

Sakae Clinic