Mole removal


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The act of removing moles is a medical practice.
Occasionally, patients who have been treated with esthetic treatments and left ugly scars will come to the hospital.
An article in today's Yomiuri Shimbun also warned of illegal acts by esthetics.

The National Life Center announced on the 9th that there were a number of consultations about burns and wounds in beauty salon treatments and imported creams that praised Mole Removal.

According to the National Life Center, a total of 47 consultations on mole removal were received over the 10 years from April 1999 to the end of March this year. Among them, there were 39 cases of esthetic salon treatment such as “After the laser treatment, the area around the mole became burned” (Shizuoka Prefecture, women in their 20s). There were 8 cases where the skin was damaged by applying cream etc. obtained through a private import agent. Mole removal treatment performed by the beauty salon may violate the Doctoral Law.

The National Life Center has called for “Mole Mole first consult a specialist”.

Molecules are included in the mole, although it is extremely rare.
Consultation with a specialist is necessary.