Autonomic nerve function test


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Today we had a meeting with Dr. M, a part-time worker, about future clinical research and paper writing.
Research design will be considered by me, and statistical processing will be handled by Professor M.
Dr. M is a dermatologist who graduated from the former Imperial University School of Medicine with a top degree and obtained a degree in graduate school.

The clinic has research days and training days to provide full guidance and clinical research for doctors.

・ Research on wound treatment
・ Study on autonomic nervous function using heart rate variability analysis system
・ Evaluation of clinical treatment using Q-YAG laser

Etc. are planned.
Today, after a long time, I performed skin analysis using Robo Skin Analyzer.
Suguremono that can quantitatively evaluate skin condition.

I recognized again that it is suitable for research because it can quantitatively analyze pores, wrinkles, and spots.

We will write several papers and submit them to academic journals within the year.

When I was talking about research, I happened to get a phone call from my best friend when I was a student ...
After graduating from Keio University School of Medicine, he is currently studying at Keio Medical University.
Although it is an excellent doctor with a track record of being offered a professor's choice at a local private medical college at a young age, as a researcher, there is a concern that the future will be affected by medical personnel.

What does the research do for?
Social contributions?
Career acquisition?

I am now studying the pleasure of studying at graduate school, but I am happy that I am doing science by doing design and experimentation of actual research rather than going to lectures.

Voluntary study rather than forced study.

I'm already a presbyopic eye, but as a researcher I felt that it was still from now.