Accident in cosmetic surgery

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Recently, an accident occurred at a certain cosmetic surgery clinic.

The topic was also raised at the Board of Directors of the Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Association today.
The cause is that there is a high possibility of negligence in doctor skills.
Many accidents have occurred in cosmetic surgery so far.
Of course, the degree varies, but there are many deaths.
Many of these are accidents involving liposuction.
There was also a cosmetic surgeon who caused two fatalities.
Until now, there was no place to thoroughly investigate the cause, but most of it was due to the technical immaturity of doctors.

Suddenly do large cosmetic surgery without learning the minimum surgeon skills.
In particular, major cosmetic surgeries also have facilities that attract patients and perform surgery at an unusually low price as a practice table.
In general, it seems that medical treatment is carried out with a certain level of medical care in insurance practice, but there is still a feeling in cosmetic surgery.
In any case, it is patients who trust their doctors and leave their bodies.

The company started operations immediately after 1-2 years of various major cosmetic surgery techniques.
A treatment that was advertised and discounted extensively.
There are many cosmetic surgeons who perform various operations but do not know how to deal with the trouble.
Even in post-surgical wound care, I was amazed at the existence of cosmetic surgery where gauze was applied directly to the suture wound and disinfection was performed.

Disinfection to suture wound is impossible.
If gauze is applied directly, it will bleed and become painful when you remove it.
Despite having excellent wound dressing now ...

Many doctors have pointed out that breast augmentation treatment with hyaluronic acid, which has been booming for some time, is not a medical practice that should be promoted to patients by doctors who have common sense.
Because there is no risk, it can be done easily in a short time, there is less pain, it is relatively cheap ...
There may be a lot of people who have gone through this treatment at major cosmetic surgeries and have become miserable.

Is it a medical practice to attract customers through massive advertising? Treatment, high profit.
Now that medical quality is being questioned, I hope to improve the quality of the entire industry.