HARG therapy

Hair growth

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Yesterday, it's getting a lot of attention for hair growth treatment HARG therapy To local media representatives.
The four treatments have already been completed and an amazing effect has been realized.
The hairline receding improvement in the forehead is clearly seen, and it has been confirmed by myself and the barber at the barber shop that the hair has grown and the hair has increased.

Up to now, AGA treatment has been limited to hair growth and hair restoration.
I am surprised by the effectiveness and potential of the new treatments.

Is his progress imminent soon? Will be released on
It is expected that the response will be great only to the top of the local media that everyone knows.

Patients who have paid millions of yen in the private hair growth and hair restoration business have been consulted, but the chances of expecting hair growth in private hair growth and hair restoration care are not nearly zero. Is not it?

First, it seems that there has been no scientific basis nor scientific examination of effectiveness.

I hope that a really effective treatment will be recognized.