Cosmetic surgery trouble

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Recently, major troubles and accidents related to cosmetic surgery have come in from traders and physicians.
It seems that a serious accident occurred by an unskilled cosmetic surgeon even this year.

Mostly, it seems to be caused by profit-making priority, inexperienced doctors, unreasonable treatment due to overconfidence, and miscellaneous surgery that greatly discounted the unit price.
Of course, in addition to surgery, there are facilities where anesthesia troubles and management of patients during surgery are too cunning, and this may be a major cause of the accident.

Doctors who cause major accidents are not hesitant to perform surgery beyond their ability.
Most doctors are accustomed to miscellaneous surgery.

It seems that training systems and training are far from medical level, especially at major cosmetic surgery clinics that sell large discounts.
Add from other departments and start operations in 1-2 years and perform surgery that requires great risk and systemic management.
I don't have a solid experience or knowledge, so I don't even know if my surgery is a big risk.

I have been engaged in aesthetic medicine for more than 20 years, but I am not confident that I will be able to guarantee a patient's lifelong responsibility with a lifetime responsibility, so I do not have any trouble. Systemic management including breast augmentation and liposuction It is a policy not to perform the necessary surgery.
I know at least my competence, and I do nothing but the treatment that I am responsible for for my life.

There have been cases where cosmetic surgeons with little experience have been performing corrective operations for troubles, but it seems that I am not the only one who is very concerned about the risks of recent discounted miscellaneous cosmetic surgeries. .

I hope that the beauty technique of cosmetic surgery is not destroyed by doctors who ignore some of the profits, ignore experience, patient safety and medical morals.

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