Scratch power pad

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At our clinic, we recommend Scratch Power Pad as a part of aftercare for treatment and home care for wound treatment.
In addition, we introduce to doctors at workshops held at clinics.

Scratch power pad is the first application of "hydrocolloid material" that has been used to treat bedsores, burns, and trauma in medical settings as a scratch care product for home use. The new moist healing concept “Moist Healing” can be easily and reliably performed at home by holding the bodily fluid (exudate) and curing the wound quickly and cleanly.

However, be sure to clean the wound thoroughly with tap water before use. Wounds can get worse if not used correctly.

Wounds can be cured quickly and cleanly with appropriate treatment.

Please refer to the wound information site for detailed information on wound treatment.

We hope that the correct wound treatment will be widely disseminated to sports instructors, school officials, healthcare professionals and parents with children.