Autonomic nerve function test


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Yesterday morning at 7 We had a discussion about research papers with a professor in charge at the former Akasaka Prince Hotel.

It is quite difficult to process data, but somehow ... I managed to get to the paper format.
Thanks to a lot of support.

The experiment was hard ...

It took a lot of time to secure the top athletes as subjects.

But somehow.

Found in this study! ! !

The movements of the athlete's autonomic nerves coincide with the movements of granulocytes and lymphocytes, which are leukocyte fractions.

In other words, after exercise, the body's rapid recovery function increases parasympathetic nerve function, and at the same time, the related lymphocyte ratio increases, sympathetic nerves are suppressed, and granulocytes decrease.

There is no such report in the past and it seems that you can go with the original paper.

Blood and autonomic nerve!
I found that it was very related.

By measuring the ratio of granulocytes to lymphocytes, athletes may be able to understand overwork.

A big discovery for me.

It seems to be able to contribute a little to the sports world.

It is scheduled to be presented to overseas academic conferences.