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State-of-the-art beauty seminar

Anti-aging Seminar & Dinner Beautiful skin and gastronomy (complete reservation system)

State-of-the-art aesthetic and anti-aging practice

Lecturer: Nobuhiro Suetake

Date: 9 month 27 Sunday

17 to 20 (17 to 18 seminar, 18 to 20 dinner)

Location: ANA Hotels Hotel Grand Court Nagoya
6th floor banquet hall (seminar)
29th floor Karin (dinner)

Fee: 8000 yen (includes seminar attendance fee, tax, service fee. Anti-aging dinner, drink, souvenir included)

The seminar participation fee is virtually free.

Reservation / Inquiry 052-683-4111 (Representative)
Chinese cuisine to Karin

Regenerative medicine, fractional laser, latest YAG laser, growth factor induction therapy, etc. about beauty In each women's magazine, the topical state-of-the-art beauty treatment is explained in an easy-to-understand manner based on case photos.
Spend a blissful time learning and eating about beauty.

The deadline will be as soon as the capacity is reached.

If you would like to participate, please contact the Chinese Restaurant Karin mentioned above to make a reservation.

The previous seminar was also very popular, so this time I will talk about more advanced aesthetic medicine.

It is the only attempt and opportunity in the Tokai region to obtain actual information on the latest beauty treatments in Japan.

We encourage you to be confident that you will be satisfied with your participation.

Thank you very much.

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