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Big pitfalls of gold thread

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Put a gold thread on your face to rejuvenate

There are not a few patients who have received significant damage from this treatment.
There is still little evidence in Japan.
I still do not know the patients who were satisfied with this treatment.
There are many patients who are regretted.

Safe, easy, great rejuvenation effect ...

It is impossible.

“Golden Lift” is the ultimate beauty method that improves skin by putting 24 gold fibers thinner than the hair into wrinkles, wrinkles, sagging and other areas of concern. It is a well-known story that Cleopatra, an ancient Egyptian queen who was known for her beauty, also had this rejuvenation law. The greatest feature is its “surprising sustainability” that the skin rejuvenates gradually after treatment and the rejuvenation effect lasts for at least 10-15 years.

Is there a medical institution that is being promoted? Is the doctor in charge a specialist who has undergone cosmetic surgery training?

Many doctors are operated with one hand in internal medicine.

Patients undergoing this procedure experience significant strain, pain, and internal bleeding.
What is disastrous is the major disadvantage of not being able to receive new treatments using high frequencies.

Because of the gold thread, the opportunity to receive effective treatment is lost.

I don't think it's a cure that should be done.
There is a better, safer, less painful and less risky treatment if you can get this treatment.

In the Tokai area, there are medical institutions that have been extensively promoting gold thread treatment, but doctors in charge are rarely trained in cosmetic surgery.
Regardless of the surgical procedure, slack and wrinkle removal surgery is not possible, but a gold thread is inserted ...
It is a dangerous treatment method that aims to acquire a large amount of rewards and does not aim for the true rejuvenation of patients.

Every year, every year I treat more than 10 patients who regret, I have come to think that I should raise awareness not to make any more gold thread victims.