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In Monaco in April XNUMX International Association for Anti-Aging There will be held.

A presentation will be presented at this conference.
One is about the autonomic nervous function quantitative evaluation and leukocyte fractionation by athletes' heart rate variability analysis, and the other is about the skin rejuvenation (SKIN REJUVENATION) with fractional laser and growth factors.

Both are anti-aging trends!
Rejuvenate beautiful from inside and out.

Monaco is a wonderful country, but if you are not a millionaire, you will feel a little lonely.
In past academic societies, I walked almost all around Monaco on foot, but there are general shops! ? No.

If you don't even make a reservation for a restaurant ...

The brand shop is closed on Sunday.

It is a very special country.

In Europe, I thought that advanced anti-aging countries, cosmetic dermatology, and cosmetics were the most advanced. ! Korea is at the forefront of the world.
Regenerative medicine, cosmetics, fractional lasers, growth factors ... the current situation is progressing from European countries.

South Korea's momentum in the cosmetic dermatology field is amazing, as Samsung occupies Europe beyond Panasonic.

At the end of this month, a lot of Korean stars visit at the invitation of an acupuncture maker We will visit Korea's most popular facilities such as Korea's most popular beauty dermatology clinic and the head office of a major Korean medical equipment manufacturer.

I want Japanese companies to do their best.