Fractional laser system SELLAS

Amazing Korean beauty situation

I went to Korea for cutting-edge aesthetic medicine training from 11 to 24.
Korea is the most advanced in the past? I could not imagine.
this time,Fractional laser,Growth factorThe main purpose was to visit the site of skin regenerative medicine and the manufacturer.
A revolutionary skin regeneration theoryFractional laserThe combination of growth factor induction therapy is becoming a major treatment that is indispensable as a treatment for acne scars and skin rejuvenation.
In our hospital, SELLAS EVO has been introduced and repeated cases, but its therapeutic effect is surprising.
3 years ago,Fractional laserWhen it was introduced to aesthetic medicine, it attracted attention as a breakthrough treatment, but strong pain and long-term redness became a problem.
However, with the progress of anesthetics applied and the system that minimizes skin damage by RANDOM BEAM SPRAYED irradiation, pain, redness, and treatment risks have been greatly reduced.

In Korea, this treatment has received many prominent entertainers and VIPs.

I visited the famous clinics in 3 and observed the actual treatment.
I also had the opportunity to receive lectures from clinicians.
All the doctors explained carefully in fluent English.

In this training tour, Korean acquaintances were able to set up encounters with the most influential people in the Korean beauty industry, and toured VIP special beauty studios.

Next year, 4 will be held in Monaco at the Anti-Aging International ConferenceFractional laserAnd the growth factor combination treatment is scheduled to be announced.