A fatal accident in cosmetic surgery

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Most of the causes of fatal accidents in cosmetic surgery are due to unskilled surgical techniques and anesthesia operations of doctors.
In addition, miscellaneous medical practices that prioritize profits can pose significant risks to patients.
I have been performing cosmetic surgery as a cosmetic surgeon, but I am humble about my limitations and skills and currently do not perform any risky surgery.
There are many cosmetic surgeons who say that liposuction is easy ... but it is a surgical operation that should be performed carefully, and not an easy operation.

Recently, I was very sorry at a cosmetic surgery clinic that was trying to attract customers by selling discounts, but a fatal accident occurred.

In recent years, many cosmetic surgeries are price competitive, and the quality of medical care is low, and many staff members and doctors are thinking.
Low-priced routes are never beneficial to patients.
Injecting botox made in China without sufficient hygiene, let the nurse perform laser and light treatment.
It is natural at a low price.

It seems that there have been repeated fatal accidents in the past, but the lesson has not been utilized.

A 70-year-old woman living in Arakawa-ku who had undergone liposuction surgery at "Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Ikebukuro-in" in Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, was found dead on the 4th of this month, two days after the surgery. . On March 11, the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division 1 and Oku Station searched the Ikebukuro-in and Shinagawa-honin (Minato-ku) offices for suspicion of negligence.

According to investigators, the woman had an operation to suck fat at Ikebukuro-in on the 2nd of this month. However, after 7 pm on the 4th, a woman whose family collapsed in the living room at home was discovered. No. 119, but already dead. There were no noticeable traumas to the woman, and Ogyu's judicial dissection revealed that the intestinal tract was damaged. The Investigation Division 1 is investigating the connection with surgery.

Around 9:30 am in Ikebukuro-in, about 10 investigators with cardboard entered the house search. According to the website, Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery opened in 1988 and currently has 21 clinics nationwide. The attorney for the surgery said, “We will cooperate fully in the investigation, but we cannot answer the facts because we are investigating.” [Toshiki Koseki, Ryuji Kanzawa, Taichi Yamamoto]

I think it's wrong whether or not liposuction to a 70-year-old woman is justified as a doctor even if the patient wishes.

A fatal accident should be prevented no matter what.
I don't think a fatal accident is associated with cosmetic surgery, which is not medical care to save lives.

As a specialist, I sincerely hope that the image of cosmetic surgery will not deteriorate.

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