Japan's first regenerative medicine trial PRP

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Regenerative medicine to the sports world! !
So today, we asked an acquaintance athlete from Athens, the Beijing Olympics Nippon representative, a Japanese record holder, as a test subject for regenerative medicine treatment.

As a land-based star player born in the Tokai region, he took a great expectation at the Beijing Olympics and represented the race as a representative.

Since the pain was not completely cured even now, in Europe and the United States, repair treatment of the damaged area of ​​the Achilles tendon was performed using PRP, which is widely used.

There is no problem with safety, and it is not a doping act.

PRP therapy, which is attracting attention as a skin rejuvenation treatment in the beauty field, has never been used in Japan for therapeutic purposes for athletes.

In addition to cosmetic treatment, I have applied it to wound treatment so far and experienced wonderful effects.
I introduced it as an academic paper.
I expected that this treatment would be a great care for top athletes who suffer from breakdowns.

Many athletes suffer from chronic tendon inflammation, damage and pain.

PRP therapy that is likely to attract attention in the future as this treatment.

For the first time in Japan, a star player from the land world was able to cooperate with the treatment.

I was honored to be able to finish today with the cooperation of the manufacturer and the cooperation of Juntendo University School of Medicine.

His post-treatment course may greatly change the way athletes treat wounds and care for breakdowns in the future.

I am looking forward to the results.

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