Aiming for the top

Today, when the clinic started, it is fully open from the first day of beauty and sports clinics.

While determining the details of the academic conference in Monaco ...
The end of the year and the beginning of the year were being chased by the presentation materials.

Chunichi Dragons main pitcher, Masato Naito, representative from Japan in Athens and Beijing, and Sakae Clinic TC main players were able to participate in the new training seminar and workshop.

Naito has participated in the first clinical trial of Achilles tendon using regenerative medicine in Japan, and his progress is good.
We aim to win medals and update Japan records at this year's Asian Games.
We are also looking at the success of the London Olympics in 3 years.

As one of the leading starters at Dragons, this year there is a pitcher who can introduce a new training method to win the title.

I can expect great expectations.

I would like to strive for the freshness and aggressiveness of athletes and devote myself again this year.

In clinical practice, we started new clinical treatments and research.
I would like to contribute as much as possible in the academic field.