Lip shaping image

TV coverage

Last night, I was interviewed for a special petit remodeling on a news program on Nagoya TV.
The airing will be in the middle of this month.

Advantages and disadvantages of petit shaping.

It is a news project with a lot of content.

Of course, there are also risks in petit shaping, where the strengths tend to be highlighted.

Recently, discounted aesthetic medicine has been promoted in spite of the worsening economic situation.

The risk lurking in the back is not transmitted to the patient side.

Many fatal accidents in cosmetic surgery are the result of miscellaneous medical practices that prioritize some profits.
This month's Japan Cosmetic Surgeons Board will also discuss this topic.
Is cosmetic surgery a high-risk medical practice?
Is it a risky operation for liposuction?

Is there a problem in a cosmetic surgery clinic that requires a loan?

Many questions are raised.

The Tokai region is not overwhelmingly charged, but it seems that the Living Center reports that there are more medical accidents and troubles after surgery compared to other treatments.

I don't think the level of cosmetic surgeons in the Tokai region is low, but I think it should be carefully considered.