Cosmetic Surgery

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Today, the regular Japanese Cosmetic Surgery Board meeting was held at the New Otani Hotel.
Unfortunately, there is another accident report.
Most cosmetic surgery accidents are not accidental, but are due to the skill of the doctor or cases of off-label cases.

I feel that there are many cases of serious accidents other than fatal accidents, not the risk of the surgery itself, but often due to the doctor's side or clinic management policy.
In other words, it is a profit-oriented operation with unnecessary high-risk surgery.
I feel that I must manage the tendency to perform surgery easily for patients who are not indicated.

It is an operation that should be performed carefully because it does not require urgency because it is an operation performed on healthy people.

Recently, a mysterious document called whistle-blowing for cosmetic surgery that caused a fatal accident has been sent to each clinic.
The facts could not be confirmed, but surprising contents were described.
If true, it is an illegal medical practice called cosmetic surgery.

It is expected that there will be a large number of major accidents that do not appear in the table, but it is a black box.

I hope for the normalization of cosmetic surgery.